How It Works

I want you to have the quilt coat of your dreams! Here's how we do that:

  1. Pick your favourite quilt that's available. All quilts are priced for the cost of one custom adult quilt coat. 
  2. Next, you choose your size, length and style. 
  3. Pay for your coat and shipping through the store, receive your confirmation email.
  4. I cut out and prep your quilt.
  5. If there are quilt leftovers, I'll let you know what the options are for extras (kid's coat or vest, tote, dog coat) and you'll get first dibs to purchase for a small additional cost.
  6. If you're purchasing leftover creations, I'll send you an invoice.
  7. I sew your coat! (If you'd like to connect with me via instagram I will happily send you progress pictures as I cut and sew as well)
  8. Your order goes into the mail. 
  9. You get your creations, love, cherish, and enjoy them for years to come!