Here are answers to some of your frequently asked questions...

What does the customization process look like?

  1. You choose your size, length and style (collar/hood)
  2. I create your chosen quilt into the coat of your dreams!
  3. I'll let you know if there are scraps that can be made into an extra and give you the option on those first.
  4. You receive your custom coat in the mail and stay cozy!

Is plus size an option?

Absolutely! Since each piece is custom based on your needs/wants, just leave me a note at checkout. 

Where do you find quilts to use?

All of the quilts I use are thrifted! Thrifting or vintage shops, Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, you name it! Sometimes I'll drive a long way to get something really special. Gotta do what you gotta do!

When do you have the time with 4 kiddos?!

I set myself a "work" schedule and I sew while they are asleep! Usually an hour in the morning while my youngest naps and then a couple of hours in the evening between kid bedtime and mama bedtime!

Quilts ready to be turned into coats with my non sleeping baby checking them out